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Friday, September 09, 2011


Kristine read about this before it was in stores and when finally available threw a "girl's night" party at Scott's with Skinny Girl and Guacamole (I think it was for her birthday in April). She continues to drink it although claims it has an after taste if you drink more than 2. I have never tried it but we both waited for the Skinny Girl Sangria to be available and it was terrible. After waiting for what seemed like all summer, we bought and chilled a bottle. We each had a sip and dumped the rest down the drain. What a waste.

Ah shucks! Thanks!

You're the one who turned me on to it. I never would have tried it otherwise. Dani - you get all the credit!

You did discover it a little sooner than you think...that was what we were sipping (ok gulping) pool side Day One of Family Fun weekend! :) Isn't it delic?!

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