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Monday, April 11, 2011


You're completely right. Lei is pretty good at waking up dry anyway, but my chances are near 100% without the evening batte. I'm just being a teeny bit selfish.

I need to take two weeks off of work and just get down to business when Lei is ready. I bet Izzie will have it down in less than two days. THey just need to be ready.

That would make me sad too, but I am wondering, could this help with the potty issues in the end? Is Leighton's diaper dry when she wakes up in the morning. My daughter has a nighttime books and "cuddle" ritual which involves a sippy cup with milk; I think that the milk will have to go when we work on potty training as her diaper is currently soaked by morning. However, although Izzie is almost 2 1/2 she is not interested in sitting on her potty-at least not diaperless. I'm jealous you've gotten as far as you have with Leighton. My goal is to work on this with gusto this summer when school is out and I am home with her.

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