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Sunday, February 20, 2011


I found these handy breast milk storage guidelines from Dr. Sears. I actually am more conservative than Dr. Sears, but feel better after reading this.

only advise to you is, according to the lanisoh milk bags, you can leave breastmilk out for 8 hours. I've been doing this for months and no issues...it might make this (just a little little bit) less painful.

Thanks Justine! I measured our first fourteen days in wet diapers to make sure she wasn't starving. She's starting to wake up a little more each day, but she's still lightyears from the wakefulness of #1. Ryan goes back to work tomorrow, so when I have both girls by myself, the little napper will be nothing short of helpful, I'm guessing. I have no clue how people handle multiples.

Natalie is gorgeous by the way. And, you're right that they wake up cuter than when they went to sleep.

Natalie was jaundiced when she came home. The excess bilirubin made her excessively sleepy (even for a newborn) but we had to make sure she ate in order to flush out the bilirubin. So yeah. We would routinely take all her clothes off, pat her cheeks with a cold washcloth, and blow in her face to get her to wake up long enough to eat. Yuck.

My sister's two boys were awful sleepers from day one, but her youngest (a girl) sounds like your #2. To be honest, they just let her sleep.

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