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Sunday, October 03, 2010


I know I didn't have the work component to juggle in my life but I had the same doubts and guilt about dividing my time as you do. On the other end of the equation now, I know that sibblings add way more to a child's life than they subtract. The advantages that a first born get on the front end the baby gets on the back end. Luckily since my middle child is the only boy, he gets spoiled by all the girls in his life. It all worked out and I have very few regrets. You have a supportive family who are willing help when needed which is a major bonus. You are truly blessed!

Honestly, I'm not sure how people do it with more than one or two kids tops! Maybe I'm just too hard on myself. :)

Don't worry about it. I had a neighbor who became a widow at 36 and was pregnant with her 12 child.(yes, really, back in the 1940s) With some help she managed to raise them on her own, of course everyone helped out.(certainly had to) and they all are alive and well today. ALso they are all well balanced intelligent adults... (I know this was extreme, but they really are all fine) K.

I can relate to your guilt, even now when son #2 is 2 yrs old. The fact of the matter is that baby #2's babyhood, etc is not the same as baby #1 - you and your life are different than the 1st go around. And that is OK. I have just had to come to terms with it. You have to cut yourself some slack about bedtimes and types of food, amount of time spent just sitting and playing. There truly isn't enough time to do everything the way I would like to do things.

And in our experience son #1 did accept and love his baby brother from the moment he saw him. Now that doesn't mean they don't beat up each other now. They do, but they also adore each other and protect each other!

Congrats on another girl, and you will figure it all out!!!

Anna from Motherly Law

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