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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Oh Lord. Lei took her diaper off this morning. Is Lue the next target?! Maybe we need to talk about what I should expect over the next few months - I'm not ready for it ...

He only get a time out for big things....like hitting another kid, taking his diaper off and peeing all over his play pen, and unlocking the screen door and walking outside by himeself. Then lately more so it's been taking things away, like for example he was beating the dog with his toy hammer, so it gets taken away then if he refuses to stop. It is so tiring, it's like a constant battle, that i always lose! Oh well, it adds excitement and a lot of WTF moments!!!!

I feel like negative reinforcement won't work until after at least 24 months, so I don't bother. I just focus her somewhere else. It's just so damn exhausting! :)

I am 100% in the same boat lately. He just does whatever he wants to do. And he doesn't care if he is going to get a timeout or not, he will do it again! It is really exhausting! As my Mom keep telling me just enjoy it because this too shall pass and you will be sitting here having your 27 year old tell you about these same problem!

Thanks Joyce! It's funny the things you remember even so many years later. A chainsaw? Really? :)

Oh, I remember those days! My daughter once brought down a whole exhibit shelf including a large chainsaw at a railroad museum (why were we there? Her older brother loved trains!). She's graduating from high school in two days and she's still testing the boundaries. But on the bright side, there are breaks between the stages and there are bright moments when they're sweet, cuddly and compliant!

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