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Friday, May 21, 2010


All of our 3 have been in our bed for extended periods, our youngest is still there. The older two share a bed of their own now, but both of them were in our bed at the same time for a period. It's just a personal thing, each family has to do what works for them. I am a big fan of sleep! And in most of the rest of the world it is more common than not to have a family bed. I think it makes them more secure, even in waking hours, when they get that "snuggle need" met...

We also have a 3rd person in our bed every night! You really need to do what is best for your family. I love when people give judging eyes on what other parents do, but until you are in the situation every night you can't judge. We both were soooo tired, we waved the white flag and surrendered! It may be laziness, but we really just couldn't function on the lack of sleep anymore! I am to the point now, where if he is not sleeping in our bed I almost don't sleep as well because I miss my snuggle bug! Loved the comment on the human H, so true! We laugh because David and I each get 1/4 of the bed and Jack gets 1/2!

Thanks! You're right. And, even if I was up for crying it out, Ryan would never go for it. Lot's of people I know have the oldest in their bed and then subsequent kids like their own. As long as everyone wakes up rested, I don't really care how it all shakes out. :)

This has always been a controversial subject for some reason and most everyone has an opinion. I don't! Sleep is something every family has to figure out for themselves. I'm not a believer in letting little ones "cry it out" (although it works) because I know little ones that have cried for hours during this process. Heartbreaking for parents and little ones. Even when it worked I took away a heavy heart. The family bed does get complicated every time you add a child. With every addition the dynamic changes. Once our family was complete "musical beds" was more the game we played. When kids woke up, mom would go to their bed (easier once they are out of the crib) to sooth and inevitably fall asleep with them. I never knew where I would wake up. The bottom line is, you have to figure out what works for you. There will come a time when Leighton will want to sleep in her own bed (although it may be awhile). Just like when people say, she won't be walking down the aisle in diapers sucking on a pacifier, this too will pass.

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