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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My (1 year old tomorrow) is a very picky eater. He loves his apples, toast, and mac and cheese. I have tried eggs.. no go unless I mix them in the mac and cheese (gross right i know). i have tried a rice pilaf with mushrooms, tuna, tomatoes and red peppers and that was a no go. We were doing really good there for a while with new foods then we all got the terrible gi bug that was going around, so now we are stuck back to the basics. i found out recently that anything containing peanuts of any sort and/or red cabbage is an instant allergic reaction.
I have been making all of his food myself and have TONS of baby cookbooks but nothing seems to be pleasing to him. Would love to know/ have more healthy options.

My little Trigg has hypotonia, low muscle tone, so sitting to eat is difficult. He loves food so we have rigged the High Chair so he can eat and not slip to the side. The joke in our family is get a funnel and pour it in! Soon the teeth will be here and more choices for him!

My son is almost 8 months, and has been eating baby food and cereal since about 5 months... He does wonderful with it. Working on his third tooth now and I am excited to try the stage 3 foods next.

My almost 8 month old has been exclusively breastfeed until about 6 months and I have been gradually introducing fruits and vegetables -- he surprisingly prefers veggies.
I want to make sure that he has exposure to a wider and more healthy variety of foods than I had when I was growing up. Winning the stage 3 meal kit will go a long way in expanding his food palate and keeping in line with my healthier approach to our food choices.

Thanks for reading :)

My oldest is 21 months...and insists on feeding herself every bite. She loves fruits & veggies, but proteins are hard to get in her. Like others have posted, some days it feels like mac n cheese or chicken nuggets rule my life because that's all I can get in her. Oh, turkey dogs & fish sticks too...but still not what I would prefer to be feeding her. I would love to try STAGE 1 foods for my youngest, who will be starting to transition into first solids in a few months. Thanks!

My 11 month old baby girl LOVES food!She loves to taste it, spit it out, smoosh it between her fingers and rub it in her hair and then taste it again! It's so funny. I breastfeed exclusively for the first year and that milestone is sadly right around the corner, so I would love to win this giveaway and try out this brand!!

My little girl eats pretty much whatever we give her, but most of it has been table food, or food pre-chewed by the food processor. She's a good eater, in that she doesn't inhale or shovel food into her mouth and 'chews' small bites very carefully. She'll mush and mush til she's got the food at a proper consistency to swallow. This makes Mom very happy, indeed.

My 10 mo old loves the organic pouch fruits now! We are hooked! But he also loves just about anyhing else! Now my 3 & 5 yr olds...not so much. We try to offer a variety but I get tiresd of the ..ewh...I'm not eatinng that...and usually revert back to mac&cheese and chicken nuggets :( errrr...

My picky little guy wanted to be a fruit-etarian, so we had to introduce new foods gradually, and mixed with fruit. Eventually we went from 90% fruit, 10% "other" to a nice fruit, veggie, meat combo! Over time we were able to "wean" him off fruit-mixed dinners altogether. Now he chomps on cheeseburgers, broccoli, and spaghetti with the best of 'em!

My 11 month old daughter had a VERY hard time transitioning to food. We ended up serving up colorful foods that she played with, and explored before finally learning she could eat them too. Her absolute favorite food is avocado. She is my fourth, and I am a firm believer in offering a plate full of colors and making designs with the food. (I'm also a fan of sneaking in spinach, butternut squash, or cauliflower into staples like mac and cheese.)
Keira would be stage 3.

My daughter is such a picky eater I can't get her to eat hardly anything that isnt chicken nuggets or ggrilled cheese. I try to sneak healthy foods into her pancakes but that doesnt always work. So then I give her the V8 juices and she seems to like them. My daughter absolutely hates pizza. She will be 4 at the end of this month.

I give my child a wide variety of foods from the beginning to challenge him to eat many different foods. He is pretty good about trying new things, but I am very interested in the foods you mentioned in your no fuss menu. I'd love to see him eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. He is 9 mos. old and eating Stage 3 foods. Thank you for this chance to try your foods!

That's a lot of pressure for you to eat healthy! Leighton is getting to that point now. We ususally do eat the same things, but since she has fewer teeth than I do, the servings appear drastically different. She HATES that.

My daughter eats only what I'm currently eating at the time I'm eating it... she won't eat off her own plate... so basically... she gets what I get... she's 12 mos old... I still have some jar food for her that I give her on occasion but for the most part... she's a monkey see monkey do...

We just read (literally five minutes ago) The Hungry Caterpillar for the six hundreth time and your beeb's list started to sound similar. I love it! It's so great to have an eater. We are foodies and it would be a huge pain in the ass to have a finicky eater. I've introduced curry in my own blends for her, but have yet to go straight up ethnic. You just inspired me. And ... I love your blog. Thanks!

My 9 month old eats everything. No really, everything - in fact, she gets a little frantic if anybody is eating and not sharing with her. In the past few days she's had scrambled eggs with cheese, yogurt, sweet potato puree, spaghetti bolognese, polenta fries, carrot-mango puree, saag paneer, tandoori lamb kabob, chicken masala, toast with hummus, peach-oatmeal puree, a slice of tomato, a slice of cucumber, a slice of red apple, and some strawberries. Some people just like food.

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