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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Well said Katie! Thanks for the share. xo

I really love this post. I used to think that "treating" myself by doing things that felt good in the moment (like not going to class in college, or buying something that I couldn't or shouldn't afford) would make me feel good. I would justify that I "work hard" and I deserve what ever this "treat" maybe. It basically has taken a metaphorical baseball bat to my head to realize that I actually feel GREAT when I do things that I am SUPPOSE to do, even though the very thought of doing them may make me nauseous. On the flip side, I feel ten times worse when I neglect to do something or indulge in my instant gratification side that seems to come so natural to me. Maybe postponing that gratification is the trick to actual peace and happiness. I don't know, but clearly I am feeling quite exposed this evening myself. Thank you for writing this;)

Well the silver lining is that it's relatable. :) Thanks so much for sharing Liz!

Wow!! This really hit home for me. Without airing all my dirty laundry ---- sorry to tell you, but it doesn't get any easier the older the kids get. In fact, it MAY seem to get more difficult to have the 'me' time or the alone time with the spouse. My dh and I have not had a good run of it lately. I have recently ---very recently --- gone back to the gym and like you........ loathe the gym, but just last night was telling dh that I need to do that for myself. It makes me feel better and that I'm doing something for myself (even though that's not what I would really LIKE to be doing). That went along with ---- "I'm done worrying about money and such because it doesn't do me any good to worry and lose sleep and be stressed out over it. However, when we CAN do something, we need to do it right away or asap to make things 'easier in the long run.' That said............ I definitely appreciate this post. Good luck and this too shall pass. :-)

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