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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I think it's more of a convenience-on-the-go issue for me. I certainly take the time to puree fruits and veggies for baby or cut them up for a toddler. But, it's easier for me to have these when we're out and about.

Our kitchen rules include keeping a relatively empty freezer, making trips to the market several times per week, eating local, cooking fresh food and avoiding clever packaging most of the time. But, sticking to those rules 100% of the time isn't realistic for us.

And, an overwhelming number of kids can't identify a single vegetable. I say, get them to eat them first and tackle the identity crisis after that.

Why can't people eat real food? If we keep feeding our kids packaged and processed foods, organic or not...there will be nothing left for them.

Now ... if someone would just invent a quick and convenient way to get healthy food into a grown up. :) Thanks for sharing Dani!

After reading this post, I also had to try these with my just-about-one year old. They are so wonderful--we also tried the Ella's brand. The one we started with was a combo of spinach, peas and pears. Adam gobbled it up. Thanks for the good advice...I like that it is an easy way to get some really good food into baby at a time when it gets a little harder (even if your kiddo isn't a picky eater when they want to feed themselves you have to kind of regroup.)

Thanks Mandy! We'll pick up a few of the Ella's next time we go.

after reading this I was on a mission to find some... we love them! Eli is almost 10 mo. Old and had no problems with them at all. I also found a brand at whole foods named ella's ;)

Yeah ... we've had a squeezing incident, but luckily it upset Leighton to waste her precious fruit. This kid looooves to eat.

I love these things. I've been giving them to my now 11 month old since just before Christmas. They're great for on-the-run. Just about everyone who's seen my little one eating them has gone crazy over them too. They're healthy and convenient. Only downside is my LO has recently learned it's fun to just squeeze the package and watch the food pour out of the top!

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