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Sunday, February 28, 2010


My husband and I take our children with us to all kinds of restaurants. It was definitely easier when they were babies and slept through the meal, but now that they're 3 and 5 they still go everywhere with us and we expect them to behave (and they do!). For a late meal like yours we would have given them a snack earlier so they wouldn't be famished. If we were at the restaurant when you came in with your buggy we wouldn't have batted an eye.

There is a downside to dining out with the kids though, we've exposed them to a lot of different foods and the foods they end up liking the best are usually on the pricey side!

Hey Jen - I love your blog. It's so cute. Enjoy it while you can. We brought Jaden everywhere with us when he was a baby. It gets a little tougher when they are older, don't sleep and can't sit still.

Thanks, Ann! I'm sure Lei will provide fodder for a few good dinnertime posts in the coming months. Stay tuned!

In my mind, there's really no question here. What you did was perfectly acceptable. You know your baby, and believed she would be fine, likely even sleep at the "schmancy" restaurant. I'm sure you were willing to take her out if things did not go as planned. ;)

The LINE would have been crossed if you'd tried to take an older child who was now past her bedtime to the restaurant, just "hoping for the best." A 3yo can't sleep at the table, and would likely push lots of people's buttons before Mom & Dad gave up on dinner.

A year from now (6 mos, even), you may opt for that room service from the schmancy restaurants.......after bedtime, at least.

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