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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I'm sorry about your back, but happy for your otherwise good fortune. Thanks so much for bidding and for checking out The Daily Fuss! I've had a lovely time chatting with you.


Well DF - your loss is my gain and I'm so glad you saved the good "stuff" for ebay as that is my new addiction. I too will soon be cleaning my closet to make room for all the super great buys i "won" on ebay... just got a box today with dkny pants with a $295 tag still on it - paid a whopping $11 plus shipping.
Why ebay for me? 1) I have a bad back and can't tolerate shopping and can't tolerate shopping with a good back and i've found that clothes can fit quite nicely without trying on 35 pairs of pants to find just the right one only to walk out with none because a line was too long. 2) No tolerance for outlet shopping where you do get the designers at a steal. 3) No time.... too many sporting events or items ending or searching for a new designer i just discovered... it's really fun. I used to spend all this time exercising and then when i couldn't i went to facebook and now it's ebay.... and here we are. Sorry, got to get back to checking my items i'm watching.

The good thing? no complaints from my husband. He can't believe the great items i "win"..... happy shopping and selling.

Wii absolutely counts! And, donating is always a great idea. I always donate to Goodwill, and did this time too, but the "whole closet" aspect was so drastic, I needed to come up with the funds to buy a new wardrobe. Anything that was in great shape, but not necessarily designer or part of a set went to St. Vincent DePaul.

Love this idea! Maybe I should have thought of ebay first.
We came home from the in-laws to find a flyer from the Goodwill saying they had a pick up scheduled for 1/4 in our neighborhood. I set out TWO HUGE garbage bags of clothes that I couldn't stand to see again.

Now about that hitting the gym....does playing Wii count?

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