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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm a big, big Conan fan. I watched (via DVR) nearly everyone one of his Tonight Show eps, and was so sad after watching his final one (what a great way to go out, though -- I will remember it always, unlike Leno's "last" Tonight Show which was only 8 months ago but I can't even remember it except for all the kids born during its run).

I also used to like and watch Leno on The Tonight Show, but thought the 10 PM show was awful. I do feel the tiniest bit sorry for him that other networks boycotted his 10 PM show, not allowing their stars to appear, but the show had many other problems. Leno should have bowed out gracefully and let Conan continue on.

One other point in Conan's favor that I didn't see in your post (although I might have overlooked it): Jay's terrible ratings affected Conan due to the negative lead-in to the news which transferred to the hour afterward. So I think he's either totally oblivious or very deceitful to act like he is so innocent in all this.

I've never cared much for late night shows, but Leno is woefully unimpressive. Conan is crearly a funnier guy and frankly, he doesn't seem like a jerk--quite the contrary, he seems to be a genuinely good guy. I had this opinion of him prior to reading about your cousin, but that just seals the deal for me. He's handled himself with grace through this ordeal.

Good luck Conan! I can't promise I'll watch whatever you end up doing, but I'm routing for you!

TEAM COCO! The story about your cousin was really great, that's impressive. I'm not suprised tho, Conan seems like a really great guy. I can't wait to see what he does next!

Your story about your cousin was really touching, thanks for sharing.

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