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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You could try adding more and more cereal to pureed fruit until it gets pretty chunky. Maybe that would ease the transition? Keep us posted on your progress!

Feeding her before we leave is a great idea! Lei is good in a restaurant too, but if she's really hungry then our meal is interrupted. It's more pleasant if she hangs out and snacks while we eat. She likes using a straw, so drinking out of the regular glass is a big deal for her.

My little one is such a social butterfly that she actually does well when we go out to eat (shes 18 months). The poor restraunt staff has to hear her say "Hi" and "Bye Bye" each time they walk by our table...she has started saying "Hola" instead when we go to our favorite mexican restraunt. Anyway...the social aspect seems to distract her just enough that she is willing to try new foods & usually eats VERY well. Like other posts have mentioned, I always bring a sippy with juice and some snacks just in case we've caught her on a picky/cranky day. I usually use ziploc style baggies though...so a crush proof container would be a great little investment for us.

I'm a strong advocate of taking little ones to restaurants at an early age in order to acclimate them to these environments, and in turn, eventually make meal times more enjoyable for everyone. We started out going to restaurants that are used to children as well as enjoying them at "off hours" (re: when on one else was around) "just in case" we had that terrible breakdown. Fast forward 2.5 years, and our son, I'm happy to say, is a restaurant champ. (Ten bucks says I JUST jinxed myself writing that...)

Trust me, as the mother of an uber-picky eater, it is MUCH easier to take a younger baby to a restaurant with your own food (so you KNOW they'll eat) than to play the little game we call "Russian Roulette Menu Ordering" with my son. One day? He LOVES asparagus. The next day? It tastes: "ack, yucky mommy, yucky." The solution? Stay away from the kids' menu as it inevitably is a waste of $5-$10. Instead, order something that you enjoy that also includes some choices for your child, and make him/her their own plate from your meal. We have had great luck with my son in this regard; he sees what mommy and daddy are enjoying, and then feels like a big boy because he gets to eat it too.

Also, don't forget Plan B:
Pack Snacks.
When all else fails, you'll be happy you have those crackers in a snack trap.

Happy New Year!

My least favorite thing about meal time is that my 11-month-old doesn't yet like dry textures, like Cheerios. It looks like it's going to be awhile before she eats a variety of textures! Any suggestions?

I can take my little garbage disposal anywhere, but beware if the food is not coming to her mouth fast enough you will pay. My first child was not as free spirited with food as this one. It's a blessing, but sometimes I would like to eat my apple pie in piece. It's like taking chicken away from a cat lol.

As for the germs well as much as we disinfect and preach to our children about sneezing into elbows, not sharing drinks, washing hands, my son still managed to catch the swine flu this year. You would have thought he caught the plague the way grown adults treated him. I am proud to say no one else in the family did catch it. Poor kid was quarantined in his room for 6 days, but I think he enjoyed the room service. I say pray and try not to let your kids lick the door handles.
Love catching up with your blog on FB!

My 2 year old daughter is not terribly picky but would much rather eat off our plates than her own even though it is the same thing on each plate! She is so much fun. As for cold and flu season...teaching her to blow her own nose is always fun. She always makes us laugh. And making sure that she washes her hands frequently!

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