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Monday, November 16, 2009


Have always wanted to try both of these products. My little one hates having her nose wiped or boogies sucked out with the manual bulb...I imagine these could help make the process a bit easier...or maybe just faster anyway. What a pair of great inventions!

I learned about the Electric Boogie on my first trip to the doctors office after 2 weeks in daycare when little Paddy Boy caught his first cold, that turned into the croup and ended in a nasal infection.

The first time your little one gets sick you will try anything to make them better and when the nurse whipped out the Graco battery operated nasal aspirator I was hooked.

The device plays music which unfortunately doesn't trick little Patrick but the results are amazing. When you close one side of his nose and hoover up there, I must admit that I sometimes worry I may suck his little brains out--but it has not happened yet.

While Pat doesn't like the exercise much--it is UNDENIABLY the best invention in the last 20 years. This has been echoed by both grandmothers who have also grown to love the results of the Graco Aspirator.

The most disturbing thing about the aspirator is how excited my husband and I get to see just how much snot can be removed into the little clear compartment. It has almost become a challenge to see just how many boogers we can get out!

As for Boogie Wipes--they are fabulous too! I first heard about these on the Donny Deutch show way before I ever thought of having kids and thought--damn--why didn't I invent these. They are the best for cleaning a boogie aspirator while out and about or for getting those dry caked on boogies off a little guys face without breaking out the rough wash cloth you hated as a kid! Boogie wipes are a must in your diaper bag during the cold season!

What child during the winter months doesn't have a runny nose or something going on due to colds! (Even adults could use a Boogie Buster!) I have 4 kids, so this would be great. I know many Mom's with babies that could use this, also!

we have one - love it ! and i just dropped it today and it broke :(

battery operated boogie remover, why didn't I think of this? want one!!

I am absolutely going to get one of these ASAP! Our 5 month old constantly has a runny nose. The saline does nothing to help and while the humidifier we've put in her room has helped a lot, it's still the dried up ones in the morning and the crazy running of the nose through the day that will make one of these super helpful. Thanks for the tip!

I think you've convinced me to try something like this. Our little one (at 3 months) has had two stuffy noises already. The doctor told us that we could use saline, but that sounded like the scariest idea ever... I like your comparasion to water boarding. I couldn't imagine that stooting liquid up my kids nose seemed like a good idea.

I express a little breastmilk onto a Qtip and put a drop in each nostril to soften the crusty ones before using a nasal aspirator. Works great!

I watch my friends 20mo old...and this could really come in handy. It seems as if he has a forever runny nose.

oh i love it- we have one too!!

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