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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Establishing a good relationship with your cleaning woman is important in order for you to have a nicely cleaned home the way you want it.

If you pay someone minimum wage, treat them like the "help" and don't bother showing or explaining how you want things done then you are in no place to complain.

Think about what kind of information you would need to clean someone elses house you don't know. If you want every nick nack in the exact same place every single time, then maybe take a photo of the arrangement. You can't expect someone who visits your house once a week (and probably cleans several other houses during the week) to remember how you want things arranged. YES there are cleaning women capable of such tasks but maybe unaware they are doing something wrong.

When I hire a cleaning a woman, the first time on the job, I always stay at home and help/watch how she does her job. If she will see you cleaning a particular way, and you point out that's the way you want things done, I'm sure she will follow lead.
Remember it's a job to her, and like with any job there are ways of communicating with your employees.

Um. hm. You know I have almost the same problems with mine. AND there is a language barrier so I'm not sure if she understands my instructions most of the time. I feel your pain but I can't be your comrade in arms b/c I just can't get over how well my gal does my kitchen floors. I must know her trick! Do you have a Sweep N Sass cam? Can I borrow it?

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