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Friday, September 11, 2009


Where do you live? We are actually considering Oak Park, just west of Chicago. It's got the mini downtown and all of the cuteness with some urban elements. Plus, you could definitely get mugged if you took the Lake street all the way from the loop to Oak Park so it has some street cred.

I finally succumbed to the suburbs. It was the second kid that did it for me. The convenience got me.

You can drive a mini-van and park it. You don't have to haul your groceries down the street or up tons of steps to your front door. You have a big backyard so instead of having to pack up the kids to get out of the house lest they crawl your walls you can just open the door and let 'em out.

Yes there are tons of moms who love the city and if I didn't have kids I might be there, too. But with kids I want the burbs, or where we are, a hipper burb near a 5-block mini-downtown that has it's own parades and charm so I feel like I'm sorta-hip, but really, so totally not.


Love your blog, BTW!

I moved to Toronto (a city of 5 million people)for university, and never wanted to leave. The only reason I did (after 10 years), was because my fiance owned a house in a city an hour away (500,000 ppl). We now have a 6 week old baby, and I'm comfortable in the 'burbs now. I still love Toronto, but I'm happy to have a nice backyard for our child.

This post addresses a great question. My husband and I are also Chicagoians (we're actually Michiganders who have been transported to Chicago, but we're here now and we love it... except for the sports teams). Anyway, we live in a Westside neighborhood and we just had our first baby. We are planning to stay. My husband grew up in suburbia and I grew up in a small town, so compared to what we were used to as kids, I'm sure that urban living with a family will have some challenges. But when people tell me about how "difficult" it is to live in an urban community once you have kids... I'm always reminded that tons of people live in urban communities with kids. That's why there's so many Chicago schools. Yes, I recognize that there will be significan challenges for us as we aren't used to some of the differences between urban and suburban schools... and that Chicago Public Schools have some issues... but I'm looking forward to being involved in the school that my little boy goes to. And hoping that other parents who might be tempted to flee to the "ease of the suburbs" will also stick around and be involved with us. Anyway, I recognize the challenges and I'm sure we'll be tired at times... but I think all the benefits of living in the city outweigh the challenges.

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